Today has been one of those days where watching the news had an overwhelming effect on me. With the constant news of Hurricane Sandy, and hearing now of floods in Venice, Italy, and a storm on the coast of South India near Sri Lanka, it made me think, will we ever reach a point where the world stops feeling like it's running on a hamster wheel? I'm a firm believer that our thoughts create the energy around us, the purer the energy, the better the physical manifestations of life around us. To avoid becoming too metaphysical, the point I'm trying to make is that these catastrophes, removed from the destruction they leave behind, may act as reminders of the things we forget when we become so caught up in 'life'. I've heard so many stories of unbelievable kindness, the strength of the human spirit, community, sharing, concern, and love, following the wrath of 'Sandy'. It's unfortunate that it takes a calamity such as this to reveal our humanity, but it helps illustrate that pure and simple goodness is not absent in society, it's just overshadowed when we start to focus on ourselves over others. How can we maintain this perspective after such bad experiences? Sage wisdom tells us that once we learn lessons in life, we should try to imbibe these teachings moving forward. Easier said than done I suppose, but the last few days have shown me that a little kindness, from each person, added together among a big group can have a huge impact. Maybe what we all need to learn is to not wait for a tragedy to reveal our humanity, but moving forward, remember the value of the lesson we've all witnessed, and keep the humanity alive :)
11/01/2012 10:01pm

You raise a very interesting point, regarding the need to "step up on our game." It's very disappointing to see that time and time again, we as humans make the same mistakes over an over again. Going on a tangent here, the idea of racism was a prevalent issue at one point, and it took individuals like Dr.King to bring awareness to the issue and BE the change; nonetheless, the idea of racism has not completely ceased to exist. Similarly, we here all these stories and videos about how the world is coming to an end, with earthquakes and tornadoes, yet we as humans only acknowledge the issue, and before you know it, we're practicing and reverting back to old habits, which at this point is clearly detrimental to everyone's well-being! Sometimes I think there needs to be a massive "wake up" call for everyone to realize how much we have "hurt" Mother Nature!

Sai Kiran
11/02/2012 2:55pm

Completely agree Thurkka, that's exactly what I was sharing in my post. Granted, I'm just as guilty as the next person, but I don't think acknowledging our misgivings and then continuing on in the same fashion solves the issues. Mother nature is certainly showing her pain, just like if we don't take care of our bodies we risk a heart attack, similarly we don't care for the planet, we see what we're experiencing now. I suppose it's doing little things differently, changing the products we use, recycling a little more, carpooling, walking, biking, etc. Small changes added up among many people can equal a whole lot!

11/02/2012 6:00pm

I totally agree with you Kiran. Personally, I think what sets me off, or maybe a lot of others is the fact that we have the idea that one small change can't really make a difference. We convince ourselves that our impacts are minor, when looking at the world as a whole. For instance, the other day I tossed a ton of papers, bottles, and carboard into the garbage can, rather than recycling bin. In all honesty, I said "Heck, what's this small change going to do? There are millions of people who don't recycle, anyways.." We fail to recognize that if we all keep saying this, we are only sabotaging Mother Nature as a whole. Essentially, we need to realize that SMALL CHANGES MAKE HUGE DIFFERENCES!

Ps- I really enjoy reading your blog! :-D

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